How important is erection hardness?

Only a fully hard and rigid erection can enable a relaxed sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction. The hardness of the erection can be evaluated by using the Erection Hardness Scale (EHS).

Erection Hardness Scale

Grade Description
1 Penis is larger, but not hard.
2 Hard but not hard enough for penetration.
3 Hard enough for penetration but not completely hard.
4 Completely hard and fully rigid.

Source: Rosen RC, et al. Urology 2006.

If taking medicines for treating erectile dysfunction, the above scale can be an excellent tool for measuring the success of the treatment. Regular monitoring of the effect of prescribed medicine is advised and noting-down the scores.

The EHS scores can serve as a good basis for a conversation with the doctor about the success of treatment, especially if you believe that you would need a different dose.

Speak to your doctor about your  problems with erectile dysfunction
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