Visit to the doctor

Simply speak openly to your doctor about your erection problems. Fill in the IIEF-5 (the International Index of Erectile Function-5) at home and take it with you when you go to see your doctor – this will help ensure that the conversation starts more easily.

The doctor will make the diagnosis with help of the questionnaire and some additional questions.

Common questions are:

  • How long have you been experiencing erection problems?
  • Are you on any regular or occasional medical treatment?
  • Have you suffered any major damage?
  • What was your sexual life like prior to experiencing erection problems?
  • When did your erection problems begin?
  • What is your erection like?
  • Did you have any surgery?

After this the doctor will perform a physical examination and look for abnormal conditions, feel the pulse, examine the testicles and the penis, taka a sample of your blood. After this your blood and urine will be checked in the laboratory.

If necessary, additional tests (e.g. for determining nocturnal erections) will determine whether the dysfunction has a psychological cause.

Speak to your doctor about your  problems with erectile dysfunction
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