How you can help your partner

Your partner’s erection problems probably have an influence on your relationship. When you feel that your partner may be avoiding intimacy, first try to find out what is the cause of that.

Educate yourself about erectile dysfunction and treatment options. You and your partner should agree on the best treatment option for both of you to improve your sexual life.

Have an open conversation about the problem with your partner. Given that it is not easy to break the ice in such a conversation, here are a few tips for you:

  • Choose the right moment for the initial conversation carefully. It is vital that you are both relaxed and have enough time to talk.
  • Do not wait for him to start the conversation.
  • Remind him that erectile dysfunction is a common disorder which can be treated successfully.
  • Let him know that he is not alone and that you will try to solve this problem together.
  • Remind him of the importance of seeing a doctor. Since erectile dysfunction can be caused by a dangerous underlying disease it is vital to get an early check up.
  • Offer to go to the doctor with him.

Encourage your partner
Erection problems can have a serious negative effect on your partner’s confidence and self-esteem; they can also induce fear, anxiety, feelings of alienation and depression – all of which can affect the quality of your relationship. Express encouragement and understanding, since this will help your partner to resolve the problems quicker, especially if rooted in psychological causes.

Show affection and love
Show affection and love at all times. Even though his problem may affect you as well, remain loving and patient. Small tokens of affection such as a kiss he did not expect, a hug, a caress or a massage will greatly help your partner to relax and remove the fear that you are questioning his manliness. This will make it easier for him to again enjoy intimacy, regain confidence and increase his will to solve his problems.

Do not blame yourself and do not assume anything
Women often blame themselves and search for faults in their bodies when their partners start avoiding intimacy. This can cause women to have a bad self-esteem, feelings of alienation and depression, which creates a further divide in the relationship. Such feelings are often unfounded since the real reason for avoiding intimacy may lie in erectile dysfunction. An open conversation is therefore very important for both partners.

Make a joint decision for treatment
The best treatment is the one you both agree could best improve the quality of your sexual life.

Cooperation among partners Speak to your doctor about your  problems with erectile dysfunction
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